February 25, 2018
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Jusay Pulp #1

"Stunningly illustrated...absolutely charming." -Tenebrous Kate

Introducing my take on the pulp comic book. Each issue will have a fully illustrated standalone short story. This one features "Ghosts of New Wave" which is about a young college girl haunted by her '80s New Wave idols. This issue made its debut at the Brooklyn Zine Fest 2013. Offset printing, full color cover, black and white interior, magazine-size (8" x 10½"), 20 pages. Also available at Forbidden Planet NYC, Desert Island, and Bergen Street Comics. Ebook versions now available in .PDF (21MB) and .CBR (32MB).

The Strange Ones, Volume I

"I couldn't put it down." -Yumi Sakugawa

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The first five chapters of my graphic novel The Strange Ones, about two quirky college students and their adventures in New York City. This first volume made its debut at the Brooklyn Zine Fest 2013. Introduction by Joshua Izzo, includes original sketches and scrapbook. Hardcover (First Edition) features screenprinted, bookcloth, 3-color covers, interior, laser-printed signatures that are hand-sewn, glued, and trimmed, and a handy ribbon bookmark. Only 25 will be made. Limit 1 per customer (extra orders will be refunded). Paperback (Second Edition) features gray, cardstock covers glued onto hand-trimmed, stapled signatures. Interior is b&w, digest-size, 116 pages. Ebook versions now available in .PDF (76MB) and .CBR (126MB).

Notes From Underground & The Pessimist
(Collected Strips, 1991-2012)

This collection of my strips dating back to college made its debut at the Brooklyn Zine Fest 2012. Includes three previously unpublished strips. Paperback (Second Edition) cover will be either pastel blue or pastel gray. 12 pages, black and white. Ebook versions now available in .PDF (22MB) and .CBR (41MB).

I Love Bad Movies Magazine

I Love Bad Movies 3

Issues 1-5 of I Love Bad Movies can be purchased from their Etsy store.

A collection of essays and artwork relating to the most terrible and enjoyable movies ever made. Edited and produced by Kseniya Yarosh and Matt Carman. (This is not my zine.)

Volume 1 includes "Lucas," a one-page comic I did about Winona Ryder, Volume 3 features my Barbarella cover, Volume 4 uses my Newsies illustration, and Volume 5 has my Once Bitten/Vampire's Kiss illustration (see artwork section). Go buy a copy or two today!

Bloody Pulp Magazine

Bloody Pulp Magazine, No.1, $5

"Very well done." -Bruce Rosenberger

The first issue of this anthology magazine has its share of cracked teeth, Nazi killing, giant bugs, and cheap shots. Stories and art by Leigh Walls, Jeremy Jusay, and Glenn Urieta. 40 pages, black and white, $5 plus 1.72 shipping (5oz).

You can order a copy from Comixpress, Midtown Comics, or you can buy it in person at Jim Hanley's Universe (if they have any left) in New York City. Alternatively you can order one directly from me using the PayPal button below.

Karass Magazine #10

Karass Magazine, No.10, $3

"A humane and lively publication." -Kurt Vonnegut

Includes chapter 5 of my comic The Strange Ones and a Notes From Underground comic strip.

Karass is an anthology zine edited by Jeremy Jusay and featuring fiction, poetry, and comics by various contributors (see list below). Issue 10 is digest-sized (5½" x 8½) and 60 pages, with a canary cover.

List of Contributors

Jeremy Jusay
Genevieve Southern
Sharon Mathis
John Grey
Maggie O'Connor
Ian Mole
Hannah Woodroofe
Dave Ratzlow
Errol Miller
Sandra Ricker
Michael Lefanto
Suzanne Maguire
  Bob Slaymaker
Keith Kanderski
Paul Weinman
Ben Ohmart
Kseniya Yarosh
Aaron Augenblick
Joy Kolitsky
Stepan Chapman
Emily Brooke Beebe
Samuel Bergevin
Joshua Izzo
Abby Denson


















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