Dell Latitude XPi CD MMX
Dell Latitude XPi CD MMX Unofficial Information Center
Tips, info, and advice regarding one of the best laptops ever made.

Compiled by Jeremy Jusay

Official Links:
Dell Support - Official source for all your Dell support needs.

Dell FTP Site - Bare-bones list of downloadable drivers, utilities, BIOS versions, etc.

Dell XPi CD MMX Documentation - Where to get specs, user's guides, etc.

Microsoft Help and Support - Formerly known as Microsoft Knowledge Base.

Unofficial Links:
Dave's Dell Portable Computer Information Site - An excellent FAQ for Dell laptop users in general.

Dell Latitude XPi Club - Yahoo! club devoted to "the little laptop with 9 lives." - A religious site that happens to use the XPi CD, it's also a good source of information for XPi users.

Miscellaneous Links:
Jusay Portfolio - My portfolio website.

eBay - The best place to get all your hard-to-find XPi laptops and parts.

Google Groups - A searchable archive of Usenet discussion groups dating back to 1995.

Wayback Machine - See web pages as they looked on a specific date. Perfect for finding websites that no longer exist.

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